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Hi, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXXfor Women, and today I'm going to show you some exercises that can shrink your waist. So the first one we're going to do is planks.Come on down here and lift yourself up on your hands. You want your body nice and straight.Push those heels back, and you're going to go one arm at a time. Five each side. Tap,and up. Tap, and up. Most importantly, keep that belly button pulled in nice and tight. Last one. Switch sides. Five, four, three,two, good, one. Then stay right up here. The next one, moving into elbow, opposite knee,cross it over, we can speed it up. 10, five,

one. Now down to the elbows. We're going togo twisting planks. Twist it, froggy it out. Twist, froggy it out. This tightens the whole waist all the wayaround, even low back. Good. Two more. Froggy it out. Last one. Froggy it out. Awesome.So those are three great exercises that can help shrink your waist, tightening your core,the rectus abdominus, and also that transverse that can create a tighter, flatter stomach. Hopefully this gave you guys some great newtips to try at the gym, or at home. Give us a thumbs up and we will see you next time.

Small Waist I Want The Worlds Smallest Waist

COMM: Michele Koebke has shrunk her waist to a tiny 54 centimetres by wearing a corseteveryday for 3 years. Michele: Three years ago my waist was 64cm, today it's 54cm. It's reduced by 10cm, asyou can see when I show the original size. COMM: And the 24yearold plans to go even further, to match her idol, Cathie Jung, whose34 centimetre waist is the smallest in the world. Michele: It embraces me and gives me the pretty,

deformed waist. It feels nice and smooth.It's unique. COMM: Michele has gradually laced herself into smaller and smaller corsets, which shewears constantly, even when sleeping. Michele: My life hasn't changed, just slowed down a little. Now my movement is more feminine. COMM: Unsurprisingly, years of squeezing herself have had a negative impact on Michele's health. Michele: Right now I'm a little breathless.

Changing corsets is like a highperformancesport for me. COMM: Her muscles are so weak, that she struggles to stand up without a corset, and her stomachis so constricted, that Michele can't manage a normal sized breakfast, lunch or dinner.Instead, she has to eat up to 10 small meals a day. Today, she's paying a visit to her to see the extent of the damage to her body. Michele: I am to afraid of the result; I don't

feel any pain. I guess it would be painfulif there were problems. COMM: The examination reveals that Michele's having digestion problems. Her stomach isnot only constricted, it has also been slowly forced out of its normal horizontal position. Tests also show her breathing is not as strong as it should be for a woman of her age. : In time it won't be possible to move without the corset, or in the worst case,it won't be possible to move in general.

Michele: I'm not scared buy the results because I already knew the score. COMM: Michele is certainly no stranger to stares and gasps from passers by when she'sout in public. Man: Honestly, it's not beautiful. It looks painful and the waist is too small. Man: Awesome! I'm an old guy but I have never seen something like this in my like. I likeit!

COMM: But people are not always negative towards Michele. One of the places she's found thousandsof supporters is on YouTube, where Michele regularly uploads tutorials of herself. Michele: I'm happy about every single comment. They're mostly positive, so I'm very proudof it. Of course, there are still negative reactions and questions like, quot;Are you stillable to breathe and eatéquot; But that's normal and mainly the reactions are positive. COMM: Michele is determined to continue her

Women React To Realistic Disney Princess Waistlines

(gagging) Makes me feel weird. (lively music) My favorite Disney princess,without a doubt, was Jasmine. Was Mulan. Was obsessed with Jasmine. I loved Ariel and I usedto swim around in circles in my bathtub. No.

Wow. Really, she looks like this. I guess I never reallythought about it before cause Disney princesses are just like, are, that's just what theyare, that's just how they look. So unrealistic. Like she got all her ribs removed. I think her waist isthe same size as her neck

in this photo. So basically, this would be my waist. But in the photoshoppedversion, she looks gorgeous. If all the Disneyprincesses had these waists, then it wouldn't seem like any big deal. It's just that you'realways comparing it to this. I feel like I've beenconditioned to find B attractive. I get why you do itcause it's a cartoon.

Are today's toddlers,when they watch this movie, are they going to lookat this and one day, look at their waists and belike, why isn't it the size of my necké It's a slippery slope. Yeah, I think Disney princessimages affected me a lot. I think I wanted togrow up to look like that but I was always prettyrealistic and didn't think

it would actually happen. I know that it's prettyridiculous to blame Disney for people's body image issuesbut when you think about it, it isn't that crazy. So normal to me thatit didn't feel weird. That goes to show, like, how gross it is that it's so subliminal. I thought to myself, like,okay, maybe, I'm not as hot

as Jasmine is but one day I will be. And like when that didn't happen, like, I was kind of like, damn. I loved Jasmine'slittle, tiny waist so much, that I asked my motherif I could remove a rib so that my waist could look like that. I remember the day I was ina nutrition class in college and realized that women weresupposed to have stomachs,

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