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Yoga Workout for Weight Loss The Waistline Crusher

hey guys welcome to ur waistline crusher we are in picton ontario over looking the great lake of ontario and i have a yoga for fat loss for you today thats going to speed up your metabolism burn calories, burn fat and raise heart rate grab a mat some water and lets do it

were going to begin by starting in childspose begin to bring awareness to your body then slowly coming to ur hands and knees taking our naughty kitten move rottatin back great exercise to warm up your hips your back giving your body lots of movement here

you can switch up the directions if you like from here come up to downward dog give yourself s moment to breath walk out your downward dog from here slowly rounding to high plank exhale come back to downward dog round through each vertebra of your spine and push back toward dog

round through hold and push back and last time give me high knees to chest try to touch your chest with your knee downward dog hold here breathe lets take a flow come forward chatturanga

open to cobra and push back into downward dog from here taking our taps tap the right foot out right knee tap and knee good job keep going coming into your downward facing dog plank chaturange

upward dog look up reach your right leg right up to the sky slowly come onto your left knee square off those hips reach left arm forward hold and breathe add a crunch exhale 4

How to Minimize Bra Back Fat HerRoom

“Back fat.� It's those bulges of fleshthat are created around the edges of a bra. The softer your flesh, the more pronouncedthey become. The solution is to have more coverage and avoid “thin� straps and bands.Thin anything on your bra is not your friend if you're trying to avoid bra lines andbulges. Some make the mistake of going up a band sizeto try and reduce their back fat. When your bra band is too loose, it creeps up your back, pushing your back tissue upwards thus creating a more prominent back bulge. A loose bandalso compromises your fit. A properly snug bra band is always best. It grabs you at your narrowest part and

will reduce the upward creeping, which contributes to back bulges. Wearing a shaping camisole over your bra willgreatly reduce bulges while giving you an overall smooth look under formfitting clothing. Taller bra wings spread out the pressure overa greater surface area to cut down on bulges under your arms and along your back. A Leotard back (also called “U� back)creates a pretty back line while reducing bulges with its curved shape. Usually, thestraps are attached closer together and at an angle. This design allows for wider sides to then be paired down in the center.

Thus, less of a harness look along with the added benefit of less strap slippage. But, note that not all leotard backs are the same. A wide leotard back like this will do little to reduce bulging and keep your straps onyour shoulders. Racerback (also called tback and y back)bras are also an option to reduce back fat. Their back panel covers a greater area andreduces bulging. They're also a great choice under sleeveless blouses to hide bra straps. If you want to reduce back bulges, take aminute to size up your bra's back. Make sure it has the right feature to give you a smoother look.

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