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TRACYS Bikini ABS How to have a tiny waist and flat stomach MIAMI style

Hi, It's Tracy. So today I'm going to share you with as a part of our Miami Beach series some bikini ready standing abs. These are awesome workouts that you can do can do absolutely anywhere. They're really really effective. Make sure you keep your mind into it and your really focused and your squeezing those abs super tight. I hope that you like it and make sure to leave your comments below Alright, so lets get those abs beach ready. So I want you to start with your legs about hip width apart

just pull in your abdominals as tight as you can without changing anything and then release. Then pull in super duper tight, and release. So that's your sandwich press. You know that exercise and if you don't, you can check out this tutorial which will explain it in greater detail. Good and squeeze. Lets do two more. Pull in and last one, ok good, so bring your ribs side and side to side as your doing this your not

moving your hips at all, and side that's it keep going, side, and 7 and 8 Good, 9 and excellent. OK so bend your knees here and your hips are going to go side to side and side, that's it and side and side really pull in, keep this super tight and 6, good a few more and 7 and 8, good 9 and excellent, ok good so lets go back to the ribs, just ribs alone, you got it and 3 and 4

squeeze (counting) and 7, 8, 9, really work those sides keep the belly pulled in, now hips. Side to side (repeat) keep on going good, 2 more ok good, so now we're gonna go twisting just to one side center to the side

good, other side. Really squeeze those obliques ok good so now what your gonna do is rotate to the side, come forward here like a little crunch you should feel it thru here straight up, come forward and straight up, so my body is on this diagonal here good really squeeze, isolate this

so now make sure your feet are parallel, you're gonna do a leg lift as you do that crunch and good and crunch, let the leg go forward so we're still on that diagonal, don't get out of that okay with this leg lift, what it's going to do is tone in your back. The back of your waist so you have no extra stuff back there. Ok good, so now to the other side. Forward and forward and forward, you got it. keep pulling in here, really tight


Ladies! I know you've heard about those waisttrainers. You've got to stop and listen to me! Try these exercises today with me insteadbecause that's not going to give you long term results. So do these exercises, do awaywith the waist trainer. Okay, first one: down, holding bow so we'rein a plank position. You're going to do leg lifts, okayé 10 of them. Nice and quick. Absare engaged, push that heel back on the other foot. Five, four – don't touch the floor– two, and one. We'll switch it out keeping that chest over the whole of the BOSU. Squeeze, squeeze. Ab is tight, breathing,three, two, and one. Now I'm going to froggy

it out keeping that chest over the BOSU again.Shoulders over your wrists. Going for 20 here. Nice. Warm up those abs. a few different exercisesto show you why you do not need a waist trainer. Burn, burn, burn. Three, two, and one. Good. I'm going to flipmy BOSU over onto the next. You want to keep these nice and quick so I'm burning calories.My heartrate is up the whole time. Scooting my bum down, big stretch with the plate, up,and press. Stretch. Up and press. I'm going 10 of these. Controlling the abs, make it as challengingas possible. Always maintaining good form.

Up, drive, up drive, three, two more, twomore, two, one more, one more, and now I'm going to alternate to the toe. Alternate totoe. Good. Power through. Pull the abs in. Five more. Five, four, three, two, and one. Now I'm goingto pulse it up, up, 10 of these. Back to back to back. Burn, burn, squeeze, make that waistsmaller and tighter. Five, four, three, two, last one. Whew, one. And then the very lastexercise you can throw in is a plank. Holding. There's lots of variations you can do witha plank. You can extend those arms, you can bend the knees, you can one arm it out, otherside, you can twist side to side. So you want

to hold that plank as long as you can, aslong as possible. So you keep going through and the reason plankswork so well is it hits that transverse. The muscle that goes around the waist. Twistingit out. Knee drops. Whew! Three seconds. Two, one, and time. There you have it. A nice circuit that tellsyou that you don't need a waist trainer. Do something that's going to increase yourheartrate, get on a great nutrition plan, I guarantee you'll do away with the waisttrainers. Don't listen to anyone that tells you thatyou need one. Trust me. There's plenty of

us out there that have nice, tight cores anddon't use waist trainers. Listen to us. Leave us a thumbs up below, a comment, checkout ATHLEANXX for Women's website. You can also see great nutrition programsand other core workout programs just like this one that'll help you be the best thatyou could be. Thanks for joining me! I'm Amy Jo, I'll seeyou next time!.

90 Days Of Working Out With P90X LIFECHANGE

I'm gonna die. (laughs) (intense music) P90x is a fitness program that provides the ultimatealternative to the gym. The program lasts 90 straight days, designed to get participants in the best shape of their lives.

So, we got four ordinary peopleto try the latest version. I'm hoping that it makes me a fitter, healthier person after this. I feel like this willbe a good changeup. I also expect to look likeBeyonce by the end of this. I just haven't really been as active as I used to be in college. So, I think now is thetime to make a change.

I think I'm gonna I'm gonna be, like, lean mean fighting machine. Really buff. Hopefully still womanly buff. But I think it's gonna work. Mallory I'm kind of nervous that they're gonna tell me I'm obese. Gonna confirm what I already know

that I'm a lazy piece of shit. Like a lazy piece of shit. (all laugh) We're all fat. Yeah, but thiswill be really helpful though, to see where we're at, so that we know kind of where we want to go. Yeah, that's right.

And then get checked againand then realize that, you know, we're so fit. Yeah, we're gonna be badass babes. Right. Daysha He told me that I need to lose about 20 pounds of body fat. I'm only more excitedto do this P90X thing because I think that there's more progress

to be made from here. Well according to thisI only have 8.8% body fat. So I need to stop doing that and I guess focus on just gaining muscle. I did not know that I haveto lose 18 pounds of fat. That is a very large infant. I don't really work outmore than anybody here. I'd say they probably allwork out more than me.

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