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How to Use a Vibe Disc The Twist Core Drill on a Vibe Disc

One of the things you can do before you startusing the disc on an inclined slope is to chart balancing out your left and right whileyou're using it on a flat slope and how you do that and we're going to do this togetheris basically by starting off with some cord drills which help us engage the core and helpus find our center by rotating our hips while we're staying center, our head is centerhere and we're able to basically start stimulating these areas where we have a lot kinks becauseour body doesn't have the ability to naturally move this way while we're walking on flatfloors. So one other thing we can do is we can do some basic rotation twists, go aheadand you can start off to Kathy, just kind

of do some twists not necessarily in quartertype increments you just naturally move in one direction and then alternate in the otherdirection and as you get more comfortable you can progressively increase the pace ofrotating until your body starts to get more fluid and ultimately more comfortable rotatingin a circle.As you're doing that keep in mind you have your whole body that you're working withyou're just not using your feet, you're using your whole body so keep your head parallelwith your shoulders and as you're rotating just get comfortable rotating in a generalcircular fashion, this is one way you can start getting more comfortable using vibein a rotational progressive manner.

How to Use a Vibe Disc Basics of the Vibe Disc

The vibe disc stands for vestibular inertialbalance energizer, this product if used correctly can develop incredible balance. Now what we'regoing to do today is go over some basics with vibe, now as you notice here Kathleen is doingsome basic twisting on the vibe just to get warmed up but we want to make sure we havecorrect foot placement and also we learned how to step on to vibe in a safe and progressivemanner. I'm going to ask Kathleen to go ahead and jump off, great, step back, it'simportant that we recognize the use of the arrow on the top of the circle of the vibe,the purpose of this arrow is to provide us a point of reference so we know where ourfeet, our position in relation to the disc

so the ideal placement of the feet is on eachside with the arrow pointing north. Go ahead and step on, great and once you step on thevibe one of the nice things about it is it's flat to begin with which provides you a simpleway to start and one of the things you can do in the beginning is to do some basic coeingagerswhich can help you stimulate your mid section and open up some of your nero pathways, soit can help you with your incline balance training later on at more advanced settings.So Kathleen is going to do some basic rotation twists…and as you can notice she's usingher lower body to make the disc move and what this is doing it's helping her stimulateher obliques and engage her core more effectively,

do this for about two to three minutes, yousee her foot placement is properly setup here so in case she needs to step off at any timeshe can just go ahead and jump off, go ahead and jump off Kathleen and the nice thing abouthaving your feet towards the outer edges you can jump off the disc a lot quicker and it'llprovide you additional safety.

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