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Mens Jackets Waist Suppression Tailoring An Off The Rack Mens Suit Menswear Alterations

Men's Jackets Waist Suppression TailoringAn Off The Rack Men's Suit Menswear Alterations Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style. Today, we're going to be talking about waist suppression in a men's jacket. If you haven't already, please subscribe toour YouTube channel. By doing that, these tutorials will come right to you. In addition,if you like this tutorial, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would like itdown below. And last but not least, if you want to learn more about men's style, makesure to grab our free 47page ebook. Every day, I get quot;thank you'squot;, people telling mewhat they love about this ebook. I'm also

going to link you to an article which talksmore about how to get your jacket adjusted when you go to a tailor. This is the question that came in. quot;Antonio,I just bought an offtherack navy blazer and after reading your articles, I was gladto know what to ask the tailor for. Every man should know this. How exactly though shouldthe waist be tailoredé The tailor said he'll take some fabric off the back to make thejacket tighter, but I don't know if he's going to taper it exactly how I want it. I rememberseeing pins all the way up the back of the jacket. Should I ask him to taper the waistmoreé How can I know if the waist and the

blazer as well was tailored correctlyé I'venever had a properly fitted jacket before, so I'm not sure what I should be looking foror if he even does a good job.quot; That was my friend, Jessie. I believe he'sup north in Canada. So Jessie is new into this game and I also know Jessie is reallyat a point where he's still very priceconscious and is putting a lot of time and investmentinto learning about men's style, and that's the first thing, is he knew what to ask for.He even has a pretty good idea of what to look for, but what Jessie doesn't know andhe doesn't own is already a jacket that fits him really well, so he doesn't knowwhat a good fitting jacket actually feels

like and truly looks on his body. My first point with this, Jessie, is thatyou're going to have to go with it. You're going to have to experiment and you can'texpect perfection the first time. Working with a tailor, it's like any type of businessrelationship. You've got to feel it out. You've got to go back and forth and really you wantto plant the seeds for a long fruitful relationship. My first bit of advice is don't expect Ithink in today's society, we've come to expect I mean, companies like Google provide usamazing applications for free and we come to expect that from a lot of other thingsthat we get them almost for free. You've got

to expect though with a tailor, we're a bitmore old school and we can't remind we'll do the best we can, but it's really what you'redoing is you're trading dollars for their time. So if you do need a second adjustment,expect to pay for this, but that's okay because what you're looking to do is get this firstjacket perfect. A good tailor, maybe he'll have to adjustit two times. There are some tailors that will get lucky and get it right the firsttime, but I can tell you, having worked with thousands of men and design suits for them,even though I think I'm going to get it perfect and I look at the pictures and I think thefit is perfect, when a man puts on a jacket,

it's a very personal thing. Fit is incrediblypersonal. The tailor may look at you and he may think it looks perfect, but you had adifferent picture in your mind. Again, we're not mindreaders, so you're going to haveto put on that jacket, look at yourself in the mirror, and see how that feels and thenask for any adjustments you need. Now, if you came to me, as a custom clothier,I would provide those alterations again and again for free, but you came to this gentlemanfor the alterations, so you're going to have to pay for the second. Hopefully you won'thave to pay for the third. Beyond that, he should be getting really close. You'll haveto work that out with him and it depends on

Double Breasted Suit Jacket Vs Single Breasted Suit Jackets Difference Between Mens Jacket Style

Doublebreasted Suit Jacket Vs. SinglebreastedSuit Jackets Difference Between Men's Jacket Style Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style. Today, I'm going to be talking about the difference between a single anda doublebreasted jacket. If you haven't already, please subscribe toour YouTube channel. By doing that, these tutorials will come right to you. If you likethis tutorial, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would like it right downthere. And last but not least, if you want to learn more about men's style, I've gota great 47page ebook that's waiting for

you. You just got to grab it, go to the linkright down there. All right, this is the question that camein, quot;Antonio, I was just wondering if you could explain the difference between singleand doublebreasted suit jackets and under which circumstances would you wear one insteadof the other.quot; Let's go ahead and start with the second partof that question first. Now, there really isn't an event in which you wouldn't be ableto wear either a double or a singlebreasted in which a suit is being called for. Now,I understand that a doublebreasted jacket is more of the time going to be associatedwith a suit, although you will see doublebreasted

jackets in blazers and those can, of course,obviously not be worn they're not worn as a suit and they're going to call for alittle bit more formal of trousers. You wouldn't really want to wear doublebreasted blazerwith jeans because normally, doublebreasted is a little bit more formal than singlebreasted. But since singlebreasted have become so popularthroughout the world since World War II and the doublebreasted is really a very smallpercentage of suits now, most people don't recognize that distinction. And so, thereisn't really going to be the only place I can think is if you attend a meeting ofthe society of doublebreasted men and everyone

is wearing a doublebreasted suit, you mightbe a little bit out of place if you decide to wear your singlebreasted jacket. I justmade that up. I have no idea if that society exists, and if it does, I probably won't bebecoming a member because most of my jackets in fact, all of them are singlebreasted. Okay, so let's talk about the difference betweensinglebreasted and doublebreasted. Most of us are familiar with singlebreasted jackets.They come in one, two, three, sometimes four or five buttons. I stay away from those, butthe one button, singlebreasted jackets mostly in formal wear; twobutton, threebutton makeup more than 94% of all the jackets out there

and that's what most of us are going to see. Now, doublebreasted, the big thing we'regoing to notice is that they've got extra fabric that's going to fold over again fromleft to right. We're going to see a larger amount of fabric that folds over and we'regoing to see two rows of buttons versus one. And normally, we're going to have either fourtotal buttons, two on each side, or we're going to have six, which is actually the classicand the more original. The four came a little bit later. Within these, we also see which buttons fastenchanges. So occasionally, we will see when

you have three and three, we'll see two fasteners;sometimes we'll only see one fastener. And when you've got the two and two, you willalso see two fasteners and sometimes one fastener. Now, whenever you have the one fastener, whatthat does is it allows the lapel to roll down lower and that can create the this is usuallygoing to be for men who want to appear taller and what this does is it creates a littlebit more of a vertical line going down and it creates a slight illusion. The Duke of Kent, I think he's credited withthe fourbutton and with that lower, lower cut there, but just a little, small styledetail. So that's probably the first thing

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