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The Love Handle Eliminator Best Workout For Waistline Belly Fat

welcome to my love handle eminato eliminator ok really i can't say that word if you loved my other tutorial the muffin top destoyer this is going to be another of of your favourites eliminator hey guys welcome to your love handle eliminator class we are in beautiful sand banks provincial park

in picton ontario and i have a five minute miracle class that will focus on your core were going to work your obliques core get rid of those love handles so if you're ready grab a mat grab some water and lets get started ok guys to get started come up to your knees

extend the right leg all the way out grounding that foot reaching your arms right up to the sky interlace fingers index fingers up inhale big stretch to the left exhale contract your abs come up for one reach and two

reach and three very good keep going were doing town here on one side release your arm were going to take your weight up to side plank modify stay on the knee otherwise extend bottom leg out stack feet on top of each other breathe

were going to hold side plank for 8 seconds draw navel into the spine from here take top hand down release the hip thrust right up engage those obliques for two lower and three and four

working the sides of your belly your abs extend arm right up hoding side plank 8 more seconds holding here draw the navel into the spine keep that straight beautiful line imagine as if you're between two walls you want to try and keep yourself flat

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast Discover how to lose body fat and get flat abs

Please belly fat go away. Hey guys, want tolearn how to lose belly faté Stop doing this. Do not do crunches and sit ups. I'm goingto tell you 3 secrets on how to lose belly fat fast and this is not one of them.How to lose belly faté It is an aged old question, it is the question I get the most. In thistutorial, you are going to get 3 fat busting moves. I'm going to show you, you're goingto do it with me. Stay until the end, I'm going to give you 2 belly fat crushing foodthat you can put on your diet staring today. But first, I got to ask you this, to pleaseforget everything you've been taught about crunches, don't do sit ups, turn off the infomercials,that abmeister thing or whatever the heck

it is, anything you see on TV, that's putinfrared things on your abs and tells you how it's working it's not working.First off, imagine this in your head, this is your belly fat here, it's a big pool ofbelly fat, all belly fat is energy. What we want to do it to get your body to use thatenergy. Now just pretend that like this belly fat is energy and it's plugged in to yourbody. Everyone get down with me and do 10 crunches.I'm going to show you an amazing things about crunches. Are you with meé 10 crunches. Thisis using almost using no energy at all. It's only using your abs, your abs don't demandoxygen, they don't demand energy. How do I

looké Do I look tiredé Do I look like I'vedone anythingé Common misnomers you cannot spot lose fat. You have to use your wholeentire body, the big muscles in your body, all the muscles in your arm, that's goingto burn fat, which take from this energy pool and will shrink your stomach.The first move of the 3 belly fat burning move, we're going to use every muscle in thebody, demanding energy from this pool. It's called the 30 second sprint.Why do sprinters have the most incredible bodies in the worldé Because they are movingat top speed. Here we go, I'm going to show you what I mean. So everyone get up with me,get a little loose, when I say go, I want

30 seconds. We are sprinting in place, yourhand goes form your ear just pass your hip. Do this for 30 seconds. In your mind rememberhow are those crunches felt on your lungs and the energy, you couldn't even feel them.Here we go. 30 seconds starts now. Get those knees up as fast as you can, move those armsas fast as you can. Under 20 workout is based on putting your body at top speed, get thatsprinters body, half way there, faster, this is every muscle in your body, butt, legs,arm, as fast as you can. Sprinters, they're all ripped everywhere. They don't lift weights.Look at that I'm in great shape. That's 30 seconds. My body, I'm working, I'm sweating.All these muscle demanding from this pool.

I'm starting to shrink. Forget the crunches,all righté Forget jogging. You're using too little muscles when you're jogging. Sprint.That's one move. Next up, lunge punches, again, using everymuscle in the body. We're going to a lunge here. I'm going to switch side, using thehips, using the core. That's a better core workout than any crunches and you're gettinga whole body workout. All right, lunge punches. Let's do 20 seconds, 2025, here we go. Downlunge, every muscle demanding from that pool of fat that is right here. You can lose bellyfat guys, you just got to train your whole body. If you've seen our How to Lose Arm Fattutorial, same thing, you can't just do curls

all day. You've got to use the whole body.Get on a full, safe body weight workout, do wonders for you. Good, have you felt thisdoing crunchesé Nope. And you're saying right now, what about my coreé I want to get thoseripped muscles I see on TV. You want to be strong and lean. Those ripped muscles, youall have them, we all have them. They're just under some fat. Good.We've got one more. This one is intense, It's amazing. It's called the Burpee. This is goingto work your core, this is going to strengthen everything, using your body. So, a Burpeeis simply you're standing. You go down into a plank, be very thorough on this form. Donot let your hips drop. That's a plank, flat.

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