How To Lose Fat Around Waist Without Losing Muscle

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Yoga Workout for Weight Loss The Waistline Crusher

hey guys welcome to ur waistline crusher we are in picton ontario over looking the great lake of ontario and i have a yoga for fat loss for you today thats going to speed up your metabolism burn calories, burn fat and raise heart rate grab a mat some water and lets do it

were going to begin by starting in childspose begin to bring awareness to your body then slowly coming to ur hands and knees taking our naughty kitten move rottatin back great exercise to warm up your hips your back giving your body lots of movement here

you can switch up the directions if you like from here come up to downward dog give yourself s moment to breath walk out your downward dog from here slowly rounding to high plank exhale come back to downward dog round through each vertebra of your spine and push back toward dog

round through hold and push back and last time give me high knees to chest try to touch your chest with your knee downward dog hold here breathe lets take a flow come forward chatturanga

open to cobra and push back into downward dog from here taking our taps tap the right foot out right knee tap and knee good job keep going coming into your downward facing dog plank chaturange

upward dog look up reach your right leg right up to the sky slowly come onto your left knee square off those hips reach left arm forward hold and breathe add a crunch exhale 4

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle 4 Simple Tips

Hey, guys. Sean Naelwanyj here at SeanNal BodyTransformationTruth and in this tutorial here I'm going to I want to give you the few pretty simple tips thatyou need in order to prevent muscles loss and to maintain your gains while you'rea cutting phase and while you're focusing on losing fat. Building muscle does take alot of hard work and patience, muscle growth happens a lot more slowly than fat loss doesand so it's understandable that people are concern about this. In reality though it'sactually pretty simple, there's only a few basic things to keep in mind here and if youfollow them then you likely won't lose much muscle if any at all. Especially if you'rea beginner, in which case you might actually

be able to recomp to gain some muscle whileyou're losing fat. So basically you have the training side and you have a nutritionside. So let's start off with the training side and the main thing here to keep in mind,if you want to burn fat and maintain muscle, is just to make sure that your basic weighttraining approach remains the same as it was when you were trying to gain muscle. You canreduce the overall volumes slightly but what you don't want to do is make the very commonmistake of switching to a lighter weighthigher rep program. A lot of people do this thingthinking that it somehow improves fat loss or that it brings out more definition in theirmuscles, but this is, of course, completely

false. You can't spotreduce fat loss fromspecific areas of your body and going with light weighthigh rep sets, it isn't doinganything other than weakening the overall stimulus of your training. If you really wantto lose fat and maintain muscle then you need to continue training hard, training heavyand striving for progressive overload to make sure your body is receiving a strong enoughstimulus to hold on to its existing muscle while being in a deficit, and on top of thatdon't start reducing you rest time inbetween sets as a way to try and burn more calories.Your diet and your cardio is going to take care of the calorie burning aspect and you'reonly goal in the weight room should be to

provide your body with the most powerful stimulusthat you can, so that it has the proper incentive to hold on to its muscle and you do that bytraining with the same basic principles that you were using when you were trying to gainmuscle. So that's mean training within a rep or two of failure on your sets and stayingwithin that basic hypertrophy rep range of about five to twelve reps per set. The otherthing to keep in mind on the training side is to not go overboard on cardio. I alwaysrecommend performing some cardio whether you're bulking or cutting, because it does have avariety of physical and mental benefits outside of just burning calories, but you definitelydon't need to be performing marathon cardio

sessions, you don't need to be doing cardioevery day, just start off with a moderate amounts. Two to three sessions per week incombination with weight training is a good starting point and ideally tried to spaceit away from your weight training workouts if you can. So either cardio on the morningand weight training at nights, weight training in the morning and cardio at night or justflip them on separate days altogether, and if you really want to combine them becauseyou have a very busy schedule or you just want to be as time efficient as possible thenalways do it post workout, don't do cardio before your weight training workouts. Weighttraining should always take precedence over

cardio if you're trying to maximize muscleretention and you don't want to prefatigue yourself prior to weight training as a resultof doing cardio. One final point here is that the amount of cardio that you do also dependson what your lifestyle is like outside of the gym. If you work a physically active jobor you have other physically demanding hobbies that you do then you may need a very littleadditional cardio if any at all. So that's the training side, and then after that wehave the nutritional side. The first thing here is to stick with a moderate caloriessurplus and to focus on losing fat at a gradual pace, and usually that one to two pound perweek guideline is a good overall rate for

Toning Building Muscle How to Slim the Waist Without Losing Weight in Other Areas

Hi, I'm Bob Mathews, with Power 1K Body ShapingProgram, and I'm going to change the way you think about fitness. Here's the deal. Thequestion is, how do you slim your waist without losing other areas of your bodyé Ok, I'm goingto safely assume that you're a female. I don't know many men that would say they are fearfulof losing other parts, because probably if they're at a point where they can lose theirwaist, they are, what are they holding on toé If you have strong muscles, and you feedit protein, you're not going to lose muscle. Now, let's just assume safely, that you'rea female, and there would only be two areas that you would want to keep. Like in otherwords, you're asking me how to trim this,

without losing areas in your body. What doyou want to keepé It would either be your butt or your boobs,and the problem is, theywill go. It's very rare that you can see somebody with just a really trim abdominal area, andmysteriously still retain their boob size, and that's probably why this whole onslaughtof implants, are just like rampant. I mean, I'm not sure exactly where you live. In mytown in Phoenix, Arizona, I mean, it's down at the seventeen year old level now. It'sjust getting crazy, because when they get on these diet plans and finally get to thatwaist line that they wanted, whatever size it was, to fit those beautiful jeans you'retrying to fit. What was sacrificedé The butt

and the boobs. That's just the way it goes,so make a decision. You're going to have to make that decision, because you're not goingto be able to have both, in most cases. All right, so there's the real truth. Like I said,I wanted to change the way you think about this, so there's your choice. Give up theboobs, or keep the mid line. All right, sorry about that. Good luck.

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