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The Love Handle Eliminator Best Workout For Waistline Belly Fat

welcome to my love handle eminato eliminator ok really i can't say that word if you loved my other tutorial the muffin top destoyer this is going to be another of of your favourites eliminator hey guys welcome to your love handle eliminator class we are in beautiful sand banks provincial park

in picton ontario and i have a five minute miracle class that will focus on your core were going to work your obliques core get rid of those love handles so if you're ready grab a mat grab some water and lets get started ok guys to get started come up to your knees

extend the right leg all the way out grounding that foot reaching your arms right up to the sky interlace fingers index fingers up inhale big stretch to the left exhale contract your abs come up for one reach and two

reach and three very good keep going were doing town here on one side release your arm were going to take your weight up to side plank modify stay on the knee otherwise extend bottom leg out stack feet on top of each other breathe

were going to hold side plank for 8 seconds draw navel into the spine from here take top hand down release the hip thrust right up engage those obliques for two lower and three and four

working the sides of your belly your abs extend arm right up hoding side plank 8 more seconds holding here draw the navel into the spine keep that straight beautiful line imagine as if you're between two walls you want to try and keep yourself flat

Will Squats And Deadlifts Thicken Your Waist

What's up, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here, SeanNal BodyTransformationTruth . The question today do squats and deadliftsthicken your waisté Some people will tell you that if you wantto maintain a tight aesthetic waist line, and this is usually a piece of advice thatgets more or so directed at women, then you should actually avoid squats and deadliftsbecause they end up giving your midsection a wide, blocky appearance. Now, I'm not really sure where this ideacame from.

Probably from competitive bodybuilding andfitness circles, but if you really break it down piece by piece this whole idea doesn'treally make sense. It's not something that I would suggestthat you worry about. So, in order to increase the size of yourmidsection you're, basically, looking at your lower back area, your spinal erectorsand then your abs and obliques. Now it's definitely true that squats anddeadlifts heavily stimulate the spinal erectors. And that they will build up your lower backarea pretty noticeably, that's for sure. But in terms of waist thickness, this isn'tactually going to take away from your physique

aesthetically. Those lower back muscles can only be seenfrom the side view and from the rear, and they aren't going to hypertrophy enoughthat it's going to give you any sort of overly thick or blocky appearance. If anything, building up your spinal rectorsis just going to give your back a more impressive look overall. So I think when people talk about squats anddeadlifts thickening your waist, they're more so talking in terms of width and thicknessfrom the front view.

Now, in that case you're talking about yourabs and your obliques. However, even though squats and deadliftsdo train the abs and obliques, of course, they don't actually hit them disproportionatelyhigher than other basic compound exercises like overhead presses or pullups. They actually hit them less effectively thandirect core work does. So widen crunches, planks, leg raises, thoseexercises will actually build up your abs and your obliques more so than squats anddeadlifts will. I won't go into all the exact details interms of the biomechanics on why that's

the case, but I will link a few studies inthe description box below that do support this. But basically, squats and deadlifts don'tstimulate the abs and the obliques for hypertrophy nearly as much as most people think they do. And so if you're going to say that you shouldavoid squats and deadlifts because they'll give you a thick waist then by that logicyou should go ahead and get rid of all your direct ab and core work as well. When it comes to the overall thickness andwidth of your waistline, assuming you're

relatively lean and it isn't just excessbody fat, it's pretty much just going to come down to an issue of your individual geneticbody structure. Some people just more narrow waist than otherpeople do. In extreme cases if you are pretty lean andyou can honestly say that your abs and obliques are overly developed, and if they're causingyour midsection to stand out more than you'd like then your best bet is going to be toreduce the amount of ab and oblique work that you're doing. Direct ab and oblique work, I should say,because that what's going to be mostly contributing

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