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Toning Building Muscle How to Slim the Waist Without Losing Weight in Other Areas

Hi, I'm Bob Mathews, with Power 1K Body ShapingProgram, and I'm going to change the way you think about fitness. Here's the deal. Thequestion is, how do you slim your waist without losing other areas of your bodyé Ok, I'm goingto safely assume that you're a female. I don't know many men that would say they are fearfulof losing other parts, because probably if they're at a point where they can lose theirwaist, they are, what are they holding on toé If you have strong muscles, and you feedit protein, you're not going to lose muscle. Now, let's just assume safely, that you'rea female, and there would only be two areas that you would want to keep. Like in otherwords, you're asking me how to trim this,

without losing areas in your body. What doyou want to keepé It would either be your butt or your boobs,and the problem is, theywill go. It's very rare that you can see somebody with just a really trim abdominal area, andmysteriously still retain their boob size, and that's probably why this whole onslaughtof implants, are just like rampant. I mean, I'm not sure exactly where you live. In mytown in Phoenix, Arizona, I mean, it's down at the seventeen year old level now. It'sjust getting crazy, because when they get on these diet plans and finally get to thatwaist line that they wanted, whatever size it was, to fit those beautiful jeans you'retrying to fit. What was sacrificedé The butt

and the boobs. That's just the way it goes,so make a decision. You're going to have to make that decision, because you're not goingto be able to have both, in most cases. All right, so there's the real truth. Like I said,I wanted to change the way you think about this, so there's your choice. Give up theboobs, or keep the mid line. All right, sorry about that. Good luck.

Basic Exercise Plans How to Slim the Waist Without Losing Weight in Other Areas

Hi I'm Les Whitley. I'd like to take a momentright now and talk to you about losing weight particularly around the waist without losingtoo much weight in the other areas of your body. It's a very difficult task because it'stypically when you lose weight you lose weight through your entire body. More importantlywe are talking about losing body fat. You don't want to necessarily lose muscle mass,because that's what gives your body the nice lean tone look that everybody looks for. Whenyou lose weight you are going to lose from deposits of fat throughout your entire body.When you do particular exercises such as toning of the mid section, you may notice a differencein inches so your waist actually appears smaller

as you are losing body fat, but you are stillgoing to lose body fat from your entire body. You may lose weight faster and one particulararea then the other but a lot of that depends on where you actually carry your deposits.By incorporating a regular physical activity routine as part of your daily active lifestyleand then a good overall nutritional plan to help you achieve those results, you are morelikely to see those results faster. Which at the end of the day no matter where theweight comes from, as long as you have your goals in mind, so that if you are trying tolose weight from your waist or lose body fat more in particular, then you're able to setyourself up to achieve those goals. The bottom

line is there's no way to really reduce shortof surgery any one particular area. By incorporating exercises that tone and strengthen the midsection you will define and tighten those muscles but you are going to lose weight fromyour entire body. Be patient, take your time stay dedicated and committed to the exerciseroutine that you choose.

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