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The Love Handle Eliminator Best Workout For Waistline Belly Fat

welcome to my love handle eminato eliminator ok really i can't say that word if you loved my other tutorial the muffin top destoyer this is going to be another of of your favourites eliminator hey guys welcome to your love handle eliminator class we are in beautiful sand banks provincial park

in picton ontario and i have a five minute miracle class that will focus on your core were going to work your obliques core get rid of those love handles so if you're ready grab a mat grab some water and lets get started ok guys to get started come up to your knees

extend the right leg all the way out grounding that foot reaching your arms right up to the sky interlace fingers index fingers up inhale big stretch to the left exhale contract your abs come up for one reach and two

reach and three very good keep going were doing town here on one side release your arm were going to take your weight up to side plank modify stay on the knee otherwise extend bottom leg out stack feet on top of each other breathe

were going to hold side plank for 8 seconds draw navel into the spine from here take top hand down release the hip thrust right up engage those obliques for two lower and three and four

working the sides of your belly your abs extend arm right up hoding side plank 8 more seconds holding here draw the navel into the spine keep that straight beautiful line imagine as if you're between two walls you want to try and keep yourself flat


Ladies! I know you've heard about those waisttrainers. You've got to stop and listen to me! Try these exercises today with me insteadbecause that's not going to give you long term results. So do these exercises, do awaywith the waist trainer. Okay, first one: down, holding bow so we'rein a plank position. You're going to do leg lifts, okayé 10 of them. Nice and quick. Absare engaged, push that heel back on the other foot. Five, four – don't touch the floor– two, and one. We'll switch it out keeping that chest over the whole of the BOSU. Squeeze, squeeze. Ab is tight, breathing,three, two, and one. Now I'm going to froggy

it out keeping that chest over the BOSU again.Shoulders over your wrists. Going for 20 here. Nice. Warm up those abs. a few different exercisesto show you why you do not need a waist trainer. Burn, burn, burn. Three, two, and one. Good. I'm going to flipmy BOSU over onto the next. You want to keep these nice and quick so I'm burning calories.My heartrate is up the whole time. Scooting my bum down, big stretch with the plate, up,and press. Stretch. Up and press. I'm going 10 of these. Controlling the abs, make it as challengingas possible. Always maintaining good form.

Up, drive, up drive, three, two more, twomore, two, one more, one more, and now I'm going to alternate to the toe. Alternate totoe. Good. Power through. Pull the abs in. Five more. Five, four, three, two, and one. Now I'm goingto pulse it up, up, 10 of these. Back to back to back. Burn, burn, squeeze, make that waistsmaller and tighter. Five, four, three, two, last one. Whew, one. And then the very lastexercise you can throw in is a plank. Holding. There's lots of variations you can do witha plank. You can extend those arms, you can bend the knees, you can one arm it out, otherside, you can twist side to side. So you want

to hold that plank as long as you can, aslong as possible. So you keep going through and the reason plankswork so well is it hits that transverse. The muscle that goes around the waist. Twistingit out. Knee drops. Whew! Three seconds. Two, one, and time. There you have it. A nice circuit that tellsyou that you don't need a waist trainer. Do something that's going to increase yourheartrate, get on a great nutrition plan, I guarantee you'll do away with the waisttrainers. Don't listen to anyone that tells you thatyou need one. Trust me. There's plenty of

us out there that have nice, tight cores anddon't use waist trainers. Listen to us. Leave us a thumbs up below, a comment, checkout ATHLEANXX for Women's website. You can also see great nutrition programsand other core workout programs just like this one that'll help you be the best thatyou could be. Thanks for joining me! I'm Amy Jo, I'll seeyou next time!.

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