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Slim Waist Yoga Routine The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Hi, I'm Tara Stiles, and today on the YogaSolution, I'm gonna show you a nice routine that you can do to slim your waist. Let'sget started. We'll start on all fours on your hands and knees. Make sure the fingers arespread nice and wide. We'll just start to warm up your spine a bit here. So as you inhale,gently drop your belly all the way down toward the ground, looking upward. And then as youexhale, rounding all the way and tucking your chin in. And just a few a more times likethis here on your own here, nice and smooth and easy. If it feels a little bit nicer tomove around a little side to side or circle one way or the other way just anythingat all that feels good to start to get your

spine moving for you. And then when you'reready here, gently tuck your toes, we'll start to lift your hips all the way up and backto your nice Downward Dog. Relax your head and neck and shoulders here. And then slowlywe'll start to walk your feet all the way up to the top of your mat here, one step ata time. Once you're all the way up, folding in, we'll let your head and neck soften. Andwe'll round up into a Chair Pose here. So sink your hips all the way up into a niceChair Pose. Breathing easy, keeping your belly nice and strong. And we'll press your palmstogether, lift up a bit, twist around here. Elbow comes right outside your knee, firmlypush away to spin everything all the way open.

And then gently come all the way back to yourmiddle. Same thing other side here. So twisting around all the way up and over here, easy,easy deep breaths. And we'll come all the way back through your middle. And then asyou exhale, just bring your fingertips all the way down to the ground, folding inwardfor a moment. Next inhale, lengthen up to a nice long, flat back. And then as you exhale,plant your palms, we'll step right back to your Plank Pose here. Top of your push up,just holding on for a few breaths. And from here, gently ease your knees down to the ground.We'll sink into a nice Upward Dog here. So swaying a little bit side to side, openingup the chest and the front of your body. Breathe

a whole lot. And then when you're ready, gentlyease your knees down to the ground, shift your hips up and back to sit on your heels.Take an easy breath in your Child's Pose. And when you're ready, coming back onto yourhands and knees, respreading your fingers, tuck the toes and lift your hips right upand back to your nice Downward Dog here. Relax your heels, relax the shoulders. So we'lltake a big inhale, reach your right leg all the way up and back behind you, Downward DogSplit here. Open up the hips and shoulders. And then we'll take your knee right up intoyour forehead. Round your back here. See if you can actually touch your knee to your forehead.And then send it all the way right back behind

you. Twice more just like that here. Liftyour knee, round your back here, knee right up into your forehead. And, again, send itall the way right back behind you. Last one just like this here. Knee right up into yourforehead, and then softly bring your foot between your hands, Low Lunge. From here,push down, big inhale brings you all the way up to a nice High Lunge. And then as you exhale,spin around to your right side here. Let your arms open nice and wide, big twist. Big inhalefills you all the way back up. Twice more just like that here. Big exhale, easy spin.And the inhale takes you all the way back up to the top. Last one just like that here.Big exhale, easy spin, and the inhale fills

you all the way up. And then right over toyour nice Warrior 2 here. So let your back heel find the ground. Arms softly openingright out to your sides. And simply hanging here for a few breaths. So gently reachingout through your fingertips, hips sinking nice and low, easy gaze over the fingertipshere. And take a big inhale, lift everything all the way up. And then as you exhale, sinkright back down and then all the back here to Reverse Warrior. Keep it going here, stretchall the way back here a bit. And then both legs stay straight, wave your torso up andover to your Triangle here. Maybe the hands on your shin or the fingertips on the ground.Open up the whole front of your body. Easy

Weightlifting Belts Weak Abs UHOH

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . It's Washboard Wednesday and we're talkingweight belts. I'm talking about how this weight belt mightbe making your weight belt weaker. You see, you actually have a weight belt thatnever cost you a penny, and you carry it around with you all the time. It's your transverse abdominus. But by relying on this far too often you'reactually going to weaken that and have it

cost you at the moment that it matters themost. On your big lifts. Let me reach for this one. You see, the transverse abdominus is a musclethat lays right here under the rib cage and it wraps all the way around our body. Through the magic of the muscle marker wecan actually see what it looks like. It actually comes right here, all the wayaround, and as you can see the orientation of the fibers is such that it lays just likea weight belt would.

It actually functions the same way. It doesn't move our body down this way. What it does is, it actually takes our bodyand it cinches it in. so it does this. It does the same thing that a weight beltwould do as you pull it tighter. It's going to pulls ourselves and our abdomenin tighter, which will provide the circular stability of the spine and core. So if we're going to train that muscle, youwant to learn how to actually contract it

so that it actually flattens the belly down. Okay, so what it does is it takes this bellydown from being out here and it learns to flatten it down, provide stability then, again,it wraps all the way around. I teach you how to do this through a lot ofour lower ab exercises. As a matter of fact, most of our ab exercisesin this tutorial that I cover over here – you're going to want to watch that and see how wedo that specifically. But the importance of this tutorial is to getyou understanding the fact that the more of this that you use, the more you're actuallygoing to be completely counteracting what

you're trying to accomplish in the first place. That is stability. If you wear a weight belt, the first thingthat happens is – if you wear it appropriately you're actually going to have a little bitof extra room in here. You never want to pull it all the way tightenlike this because you actually don't give yourself any room to push out against withthis intraabdominal pressure. So you have it a little bit loose so you cannow push into it and then have that pressure against the pad, which is pushing back inthe opposite direction.

Just giving you that extra torque in spinalstability. If you do that, think about what you're actuallydoing. You're actually training yourself with a distendedbelly. You're training yourself this way. You push out as you stabilize. When, in actuality, the healthier, more protectedspine has the ability to bear down and still have that intraabdominal pressure, but witha flatter belly because you have the contractions of the transverse abdominus.

How To Properly Wear Suspenders Buying Trouser Braces For Men Suspender Guide Tutorial

How To Properly Wear Suspenders Buying TrouserBraces For Men Suspender Guide Tutorial 0:00:00 Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno. I'm the founder ofReal Men Real Style. Today, I'm going to be speaking with you about five tips on how toproperly wear suspenders. Now, I know some of you guys out there are considering makingthe move to suspenders and it's probably a smart decision. I'm going to talk to you abouthow to properly wear them so that you do this right, so you don't go out there and buysuspenders and never use them. Before we get into this, guys, I'm going toask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

By doing this, the tutorials come right to youand you don't miss any of my ghost tutorials. In addition, if you like this, if you findit useful, well, click on the quot;likequot; button and leave me comments down below. I love hearingfrom you guys and if you want more, go check out my free ebook over at realmenrealstyle .Okay, so let's go ahead and dive into this. Now, I need to point out that this is in supportof an infographic and article which I've created over at Real Men Real Style. I'm going togo into a lot more detail there. So if you want more information, if something isn'tclear, go check out the infographic. Go check out the article. I go into it a lot more.And in this tutorial, I'm not necessarily going

to talk about the different types of suspenders.I've created a whole separate tutorial for that. Today, I'm going to talk about five tips soyou can actually well, you can make a smart purchasing decision and you know that suspendersare right for you. So number one, when you're out there looking to buy suspenders, whatis the needé Why do you need suspendersé Is it something that and for a lot of guys a little bit of history on braces or suspenders, it used to be this was how trousers were heldup. We didn't actually use belts. I think it was World War II where we saw thesuspenders pretty much disappear. One of the reasons is you could make trousers a bit shorter,so instead of ending at the natural waist,

we push them down. All of a sudden andjeans have been doing this for a long time. I think the companies that were making dresspants, dress slacks, they said, quot;Let's go ahead and push it down. We're going to savefabric,quot; and belts became more popular. Now, belts, if you think about it, are notas good as suspenders because of two reasons. One, belts, especially on big men, they'retrying to put tension on an area which actually is angled like this. So if you think aboutit, you're going to have to put a lot of tension if you're a larger man to keep your pantsfrom falling down. You've see it, guys. Gentlemen out there, their pants are falling down. They'retrying to pull it up. This is a clear case

of they need suspenders. Another advantage of wearing suspenders, itactually lengthens the apparent length of your leg line. So if you're a larger man,suspenders are always going to look better. Basically, they're going to make your legslook longer, which in a sense makes you look taller. The biggest barrier and this goes to need,why you need it and why you focus on it as the number one reason is psychological becauseif you aren't convinced that suspenders are going to actually make you look better, ifyou're actually going to wear them, if you

don't buy into the psychological benefitshere, you're not going to probably make the shift, and that's one thing I don't want.I don't want you to go out there, buy suspenders, and not use them. So make sure that they areright for you if you're going to wear suspenders. I know some of you guys, it's not really aneed, but it's a want. Perhaps it's a fashion want. You want something that's going to lookcool. You want to strap them on without a jacket and have some color that's going to something that's going to set you apart from the crowd. Perhaps you're a dancer and you want to getout there and you don't even want to bother

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