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Exercises for a Smaller Waist TIGHTER FLATTER STOMACH

Hi, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXXfor Women, and today I'm going to show you some exercises that can shrink your waist. So the first one we're going to do is planks.Come on down here and lift yourself up on your hands. You want your body nice and straight.Push those heels back, and you're going to go one arm at a time. Five each side. Tap,and up. Tap, and up. Most importantly, keep that belly button pulled in nice and tight. Last one. Switch sides. Five, four, three,two, good, one. Then stay right up here. The next one, moving into elbow, opposite knee,cross it over, we can speed it up. 10, five,

one. Now down to the elbows. We're going togo twisting planks. Twist it, froggy it out. Twist, froggy it out. This tightens the whole waist all the wayaround, even low back. Good. Two more. Froggy it out. Last one. Froggy it out. Awesome.So those are three great exercises that can help shrink your waist, tightening your core,the rectus abdominus, and also that transverse that can create a tighter, flatter stomach. Hopefully this gave you guys some great newtips to try at the gym, or at home. Give us a thumbs up and we will see you next time.

Girls Wear Fanny Packs For A Week

I just want to notifyeveryone in advance that I will be calling it a vaginabag, because in the UK, fanny means vagina. (upbeat music) My name's Alicia, andI'm a fanny pack guru. So if you're trying fannypacks out for the first time, the best advice I cangive you is to just exude confidence with it.

There's no inappropriatemoment for a fanny if you have the right look going on. Fanny packs for life. (upbeat music) I would prefer iffanny packs were a thing that were like socially acceptable. I actually wore afanny pack to Disneyland the last time I went,

and that was actually themost amazing experience ever, because it was just so freeing! My shoulders always hurtfrom carrying a purse around. One of my friends is cominginto town this weekend, so I'm going to go to a fancy dinner in a fanny pack for sure. I'm afraid that it's not going to match with all my clothes.

I'm really worried about what people are going to say or think, because it means you'relooking at my crotch. (upbeat music) I like these sunglasses. I'm going to make mine look like an emoji. Like an emoji exploded all over. This is actually quite well themed.

Mine's a bit erratic. Yes! Simple, and I like the back. It's a bit coordinated by accident. It looks like NASAsomeonethat likes drugs. I got America all over my fanny. (upbeat music) So my first experiencewas temperamental,

because every time I walked, it bounced and made itsway around to the front, even when I didn't require it to. Ok so I'm moving today, and my friend Amber isgoing to come help me. I am wearing my fanny pack. And she just knocked, so let's go. A fanny packé

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack

This is the Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack. It's our smallest hip pack. It's lightweight and durable, it carries all of your essentials and it folds into its own pocket. I love this bag for running on the beach with my dog. It's small enough to fit close to my body without bouncing, but it's big enough to carry treats, a phone, my keys,

and anything else that I might need for my run. The body fabric is a 70denier nylon rip stop with a polyurethane coating and a silicone finish for tear and weather resistance. The reinforced base has a 210denier nylon double rip stop with a polyurethane coating. The main compartment features a key clip and also a secure zippered pocket.

You can stuff the whole bag into this pocket. On the front is a full size external zippered pocket. The back panel has supple AirFlow mesh to keep you comfortable. The soft, adjustable webbing belt allows you to wear the mini across your hips or over your shoulder as a bandolier style. Big enough for your daytoday essentials,

but small enough to wear on your hips, the Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack is your perfect daily travel companion.

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