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Patagonia Stealth Hip Pack 7L for Fly Fishing

This is our Stealth Hip Pack. It's highly versatile to stay organized for a day out on the river. It small enough for bare essentials on a quick trip. Yet, it's versatile enough to move with you when you are on the go. We built this pack using a burly 840denier 100% ballistics nylon which makes it highly waterresistant, durable and protects your contents inside.

On the front of the hip pack is a molded dropdown pocket. It has a fly keeper and two adjustable pockets with hookandloop closures. The main compartment of the pack holds two large fly boxes and has two dropin pockets with hookandloop closures. There is one security lined pocket here that's fleece lined with the mesh divider, for items such as a phone, keys or your wallet.

All zippers on the pack are highly water repellent YKK zips. The waistband is constructed with perforated foam and has airmesh fabric for great breathability and fast dry times. There are two water bottlecoffee mug holders on either side of the pack that are expandable and have security straps to keep them in place. The front end of the waist pack has two zippered pockets for dropin, and three daisy chain loops to clip on accessories. The front of the waistband is adjustable for comfort and perfect fit.

Another accessory on the pack is the Hypalon gear keeper. There is a reinforced haul handle at the top. It has an adjustable and removable neck strap for when you are working with the pack up front to keep it stable when you're trying to get in and out of the pack. With tons of gears and extra layers aren't needed, grab the Stealth Hip Pack. It keeps your essentials close, organized and protected

for good days on the river.

Military Surplus Scout Waist Pack Fanny Pack SystemEDC of the Woods part 1 of 5 part series

good morning from Patrick's Bushcraft. this morning I'm going to be talking about my Military Tactical Fanny Pack System. I'll be going over the things I carry in it and why I carry the Tactical waist pack some call them butt packs, but the basic setup is carry the bag around the waist with the option to spin the bag around when I need something contained in the bag I call this my 'EDC of the woods'. I keep such things as my toiletries (toilet paper and digging stick) in there, so this bag goes with me even on short walks.or even to collect water from a nearby stream, creek, river or lake I put links to more in depth tutorials in the iCards in the upper right hand corner of the'll see them pop up from time to time if you got time to check them out, feel free, or maybe even subscribe so you'll have the channel locked in and you can check out the tutorials at your own leisure.

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