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The Love Handle Eliminator Best Workout For Waistline Belly Fat

welcome to my love handle eminato eliminator ok really i can't say that word if you loved my other tutorial the muffin top destoyer this is going to be another of of your favourites eliminator hey guys welcome to your love handle eliminator class we are in beautiful sand banks provincial park

in picton ontario and i have a five minute miracle class that will focus on your core were going to work your obliques core get rid of those love handles so if you're ready grab a mat grab some water and lets get started ok guys to get started come up to your knees

extend the right leg all the way out grounding that foot reaching your arms right up to the sky interlace fingers index fingers up inhale big stretch to the left exhale contract your abs come up for one reach and two

reach and three very good keep going were doing town here on one side release your arm were going to take your weight up to side plank modify stay on the knee otherwise extend bottom leg out stack feet on top of each other breathe

were going to hold side plank for 8 seconds draw navel into the spine from here take top hand down release the hip thrust right up engage those obliques for two lower and three and four

working the sides of your belly your abs extend arm right up hoding side plank 8 more seconds holding here draw the navel into the spine keep that straight beautiful line imagine as if you're between two walls you want to try and keep yourself flat

Corset Enthusiast Shrinks Her Waist To An Extreme 16 Inches

00:03COMM: An hour glass figure is a dream for most woman, but Kelly Lee Dekay has takenit to the next level. 00:13Kelly Lee Dekay: I love the fact that fabric and thread can be manipulated to create sucha drastic silhouette. 00:21COMM: Growing up fashion designer Kelly was obsessed with comic book heroes, and inspiredby their look. 00:27Kelly Lee Dekay: I didn't set out to have a small waist, it wasn't something that Ithought about, the thing that I did think

about is becoming a super villain to be honest,to become like comic book characters. In terms of style, my favourite comic book hero itwould have to be Storm for sure, she was the one that really did it for me oh my god andI feel so silly saying this but it really was Jessica Rabbit also. 00:57COMM: So at 20 years old, Kelly began wearing a tight steal bond corset to sculpt her waist.After 7 years of dedicated corseting, Kelly's waist now measures a minuscule 16 inches. 01:10Kelly Lee Dekay: I taitor between 16 and 18,

it just depends, I have no interest in doinganything smaller than 16 only because um I really love the ratio of 16 and I'm more thansatisfied with 16. 01:27COMM: And its not just the corset that helps Kelly achieve her unique figure. 01:31Kelly Lee Dekay: A lot of the food stuff as far as my diet is a trade secret, so I cantreally divulge on it but I will say, don't have anything that makes you bloated and nocarbonated drinks outside of tight lacing. I was always really like healthy with my eatinghabits although I do indulge in the burger

and the macaroon. 02:08COMM: To Kelly wearing a corset isn't about shocking the crowds or being super slim, butwhen she takes to the streets of New York, she receives a mixed response. 02:17MAN IN THE STREET: I think its, its extreme to go to that length to reshape your bodyin such a way, I feel sorry for her 10 years from now, somebody is going to pay the consequenceand it'll be her. 02:28LADY IN THE STREET: I think Kelly looks great.

02:29ANOTHER LADY IN THE STREET: I would not want to achieve this look it looks very off, itdoesn't look normal and it doesn't look good. 02:35THIRD LADY: She is looking so gorgeous like beyond like super model pageant like perfect.She is like the living bodyment of Jessica Rabbit but so much better. 02:46COMM: When faced with questions about her corseting, Kelly is keen to stress that shetakes the greatest of care when it comes to her health.

02:54FASHION STUDENT: I'm a fashion student so just out of curiosity like because I haveseen what happens to woman's organs and bones inside from prolonged corset wear, have youseen a é 03:05Kelly Lee Dekay: So whenever I do go to the I'm not wearing my corset but you canfeel rib cage is a little bit different, so yes I've done my check ups and everythingis all healthy and good, there's like this misconception that your organs like reallychange, like they totally shift down but its like half an inch or less than half an inchthat it shifts a little.

Human Hourglass Model Has 20Inch Waist

f_a_o_ romanian model alon as staying in burning i don't thinki said her name right but less of a guy spankin bird aka on area and that any way is the issue anything and named the human hourglassbecause five feet six inches tall that's at alli am which is a twenty inch waste they see and hear what you are not gonnabelieve until you see this tutorial

uh. i i so how do you think that that's incentive this issue entry of i guess i believe it you have to believe that his marsha's heart nevertheless delia's

wife so let's have a discussion ofwhether this is the appealing is is a jacket exactly not been released to examine lien uh. i'm not attracted by the tips ofhis own so distracted by the in scene which does not exist and i'm noah adams if i was that you know uh. having sexwith her which would be unfortunate there are manyother blackballed

uh. i wouldn't be afraid of heartbreaker have selena adelaide then they should be breaking burr and so no i i don't find it at allattractive an enzyme that female perspective eight absolutely do not readher jacket either stocker she got in modeling because her husbandencourage her to because i guess you put

photos on the internet and she gotreally a lot of praise for that and so she decide to set my like she's thirteenout she should have done this you know fifteen years ago um. but i guess is always reallyinsecure with her body and she's been trying to gain weight i mean she can she said she'd pizza andchocolate all this is not at all and gain weight so that you know my now whati thought that uh. when i first saw that if you've heard i was one leaf oflettuce today well

of the really narrows the list ofclients right there with that she had an exceedingly predominate over that because i think is she has a definitivesavage in any abnormality and i just love normal right now it'snot a human being as eating a little that's like you've got something wrongwith you you really want to pieces a day in your waist is like three inches intoand out of surgery and make it up with a look like that he wanted to that possible milano the so i mean youprobably be decided probably don't have

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