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Slim Waist Yoga Routine The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Hi, I'm Tara Stiles, and today on the YogaSolution, I'm gonna show you a nice routine that you can do to slim your waist. Let'sget started. We'll start on all fours on your hands and knees. Make sure the fingers arespread nice and wide. We'll just start to warm up your spine a bit here. So as you inhale,gently drop your belly all the way down toward the ground, looking upward. And then as youexhale, rounding all the way and tucking your chin in. And just a few a more times likethis here on your own here, nice and smooth and easy. If it feels a little bit nicer tomove around a little side to side or circle one way or the other way just anythingat all that feels good to start to get your

spine moving for you. And then when you'reready here, gently tuck your toes, we'll start to lift your hips all the way up and backto your nice Downward Dog. Relax your head and neck and shoulders here. And then slowlywe'll start to walk your feet all the way up to the top of your mat here, one step ata time. Once you're all the way up, folding in, we'll let your head and neck soften. Andwe'll round up into a Chair Pose here. So sink your hips all the way up into a niceChair Pose. Breathing easy, keeping your belly nice and strong. And we'll press your palmstogether, lift up a bit, twist around here. Elbow comes right outside your knee, firmlypush away to spin everything all the way open.

And then gently come all the way back to yourmiddle. Same thing other side here. So twisting around all the way up and over here, easy,easy deep breaths. And we'll come all the way back through your middle. And then asyou exhale, just bring your fingertips all the way down to the ground, folding inwardfor a moment. Next inhale, lengthen up to a nice long, flat back. And then as you exhale,plant your palms, we'll step right back to your Plank Pose here. Top of your push up,just holding on for a few breaths. And from here, gently ease your knees down to the ground.We'll sink into a nice Upward Dog here. So swaying a little bit side to side, openingup the chest and the front of your body. Breathe

a whole lot. And then when you're ready, gentlyease your knees down to the ground, shift your hips up and back to sit on your heels.Take an easy breath in your Child's Pose. And when you're ready, coming back onto yourhands and knees, respreading your fingers, tuck the toes and lift your hips right upand back to your nice Downward Dog here. Relax your heels, relax the shoulders. So we'lltake a big inhale, reach your right leg all the way up and back behind you, Downward DogSplit here. Open up the hips and shoulders. And then we'll take your knee right up intoyour forehead. Round your back here. See if you can actually touch your knee to your forehead.And then send it all the way right back behind

you. Twice more just like that here. Liftyour knee, round your back here, knee right up into your forehead. And, again, send itall the way right back behind you. Last one just like this here. Knee right up into yourforehead, and then softly bring your foot between your hands, Low Lunge. From here,push down, big inhale brings you all the way up to a nice High Lunge. And then as you exhale,spin around to your right side here. Let your arms open nice and wide, big twist. Big inhalefills you all the way back up. Twice more just like that here. Big exhale, easy spin.And the inhale takes you all the way back up to the top. Last one just like that here.Big exhale, easy spin, and the inhale fills

you all the way up. And then right over toyour nice Warrior 2 here. So let your back heel find the ground. Arms softly openingright out to your sides. And simply hanging here for a few breaths. So gently reachingout through your fingertips, hips sinking nice and low, easy gaze over the fingertipshere. And take a big inhale, lift everything all the way up. And then as you exhale, sinkright back down and then all the back here to Reverse Warrior. Keep it going here, stretchall the way back here a bit. And then both legs stay straight, wave your torso up andover to your Triangle here. Maybe the hands on your shin or the fingertips on the ground.Open up the whole front of your body. Easy

How to Use It Works Body Wraps for Maximum Results

Hi. My name is Denise Walsh with It WorksBody Wraps. If you're watching this tutorial, then you are ready to get your wrap on. Today,I'm going to show you how to do your first It Works body wrap, and how easy it is. You'regoing to get amazing results. I want to share with you how you can continue that processat home and even make some money selling the wraps. So first, you want to get your materials together.We have our it works body wraps, water, cleanser, toner, defining gel, and our Fab Wrap. Beforewe get started, we want to take that beforepicture. This is something that people often are abit nervous to do, but I can tell you, you

always want it afterwards. So simply lift up your shirt, and you cantake a selfie of your belly in a few different ways. One thing to think about when you'retaking your picture is that you want to be in the same lighting and take your picturein the same spot. So that way, you can just ensure that you get good beforeandafterpictures. You can also go to a mirror and take a picture of yourself in the mirror.I've done that before, and it works out just great. So next, get your wrap. They come in boxesof four, individually treated. So you can

easily take out one. Open it up. If you'veever done a typical salon wrap, you know that they're headtotoe, mud, seaweed, reallymessy and really inconvenient. We have something that's super easy to use. You open it up,and you'll see there's brown lotion on one side. Sometimes, I like to rub it togetherto make sure that the lotion is spread out. Sometimes, it can kind of clump together duringshipping. Then before you put the wrap on, you wantto use your cleanser and your toner. What this does is really ensure that you're goingto get good hydration. I want to clean off any debris that's on my belly, and I wantto open up any pores. This really allows for

the it works body wrap to penetrate deeply. So you put the wrap on and then secure it.I like to use the It Works Fab Wrap. It's lightweight. It doesn't cause you to sweat.If you don't have this, then you can use Saran wrap or a tight tank top, really whateverholds it in place. It's important to smooth it out. You don't want any bumps or air pockets,just because you want to keep it nice and close to your skin. So I go around a few times, and then I breakit because I don't want a tube going up and down. I want to hold it in place. So I breakit, tuck it in, and then I do it again. What

I love about the wrap is that you can seeresults in this first hour, but it works in your system for three days. So what you want to do is wear a wrap, throwit away, and in three days you can do another one. On the days in between, you use the productcalled Defining Gel. This is our cellulite cream. It's the same ingredients in the wrap,just a little less concentrated. So now, you have the wrap on. You'll see resultsin the first hour, but you can wear it a little bit longer. I actually like to sleep in minebecause it's a bit more convenient. While you're wearing that wrap, you want to drinkwater. Water helps to flush out your system.

Drink water not only while you're wearingit, but for the next three days, up to eight to 10 glasses of water a day to help keepyourself hydrated for the best maximum results. Now, most people love to wrap their tummy,but you can actually wrap anywhere you want to tone, tighten, and firm. So you can doyour chin and neck. You can cut it in half and do your arms. You can do your thighs.I've had people do their calves for varicose veins, spider veins, really anywhere you'recreative enough to put it. It Works Body Wraps are chock full of good nutrition for the skin. So you wear that wrap for about 45 minutes.Afterwards, you simply take it off, and this

DIY Friendship Bracelets 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Projects

In this tutorial you'll learn how to makefive cutest and easiest friendship bracelets ever. Hey guys! You may already know that I love bracelets. I love making them, giving themand most of all, wearing them. So in this tutorial, I'll show you how to make 5 beautifulbracelets using string. These are perfect for beginners, super easy and fast to make.You can make them for yourself or your friends. I'll show you how!First, we are making this beautiful colorful rope bracelet. You will need a small pieceof cardboard, any rounded object, a pencil,

a button for the closure, 4 colors of embroiderystring and scissors. Start by making a simple bracelet loom. Take your rounded object, Iam using a glass, place it on a piece of cardboard and outline the glass to get a circle. Cutit out with scissors. Mark the center of the circle and make eight little lines on theouter edge dividing the circle into eight equal sections. Take the scissors and makeshort cuts along the lines. The cuts should be about half an inch long or shorter. Takeyour pencil again and push the tip through the center of the circle to get a little hole.And here we have a bracelet loom, which we can reuse to make bracelets for all of ourfriends.

Cut four pieces of embroidery string, eachapproximately 25 inches long. Fold the strings in half and knot them together like so. Wehave 8 strings coming out from the knot, but we need just seven of them. So take one stringand cut it off very close to the knot. Push the loop and the knot through the center ofthe cardboard loom like this. Next we need to randomly arrange the strings around thecircle by placing them into the cuts. There must be one string in one cut and since wehave 7 strings and 8 cuts around the loom, one cut will stay free. Hold the loom so thatthe empty cut faces towards you. Count one, two, three, take the third string and placeit into the empty cut. Rotate the loom, one,

two, three, take the third string and moveit into the free cut. This is all you need to do. Rotate the loom and move the thirdstring into the empty cut. Well after you get the hang of it, you won't need to rotatethe loom anymore. Just count three strings left from the empty cut and move the thirdstring into it. After a while you will notice a lovely rope bracelet on the other side ofyour loom. You can make your bracelet as long as you want. I want to wrap it around my wristjust once, but you can also wrap it two or even three times. Just remember to cut longerpieces of thread to begin with. When the bracelet is long enough, release all the strings fromthe cuts and take it off the loom. Make a

little knot to secure your work like this.For the button closure choose one thread, I like to go for the color that matches mybutton, and thread the button on. Slide the button as close to the bracelet knot as youcan and make a few small knots to secure it in place. Trim the excess thread away andyou are all done with this beautiful bracelet. It only takes about 20 minutes to completeone, which is just awesome. I'm in love with the button closures because they aresuper practical and very cute at the same time.Next we are making this color blocking spiral bracelet. We need embroidery floss, scissorsand a button. I decided to use four colors

of thread, you can use more or less differentcolors, whatever you prefer. Put all four thread colors together and cut at about 50inches. Now fold this big string of threads in half and make a knot slightly below thefolded end to get a little loop for the button closure. Finally, it's time to start knotting!Out of the eight strings, chose one, and start making normal forward knots around the remainingseven threads. To make a forward knot take your working string, make a four shape overthe remaining seven strings like so and then simply go under the seven strings and up throughthe loop of the number four. Pull the working string so that the knot slides and tightens.To keep the spiral going smoothly, I like

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