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Hi, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXXfor Women, and today I'm going to show you some exercises that can shrink your waist. So the first one we're going to do is planks.Come on down here and lift yourself up on your hands. You want your body nice and straight.Push those heels back, and you're going to go one arm at a time. Five each side. Tap,and up. Tap, and up. Most importantly, keep that belly button pulled in nice and tight. Last one. Switch sides. Five, four, three,two, good, one. Then stay right up here. The next one, moving into elbow, opposite knee,cross it over, we can speed it up. 10, five,

one. Now down to the elbows. We're going togo twisting planks. Twist it, froggy it out. Twist, froggy it out. This tightens the whole waist all the wayaround, even low back. Good. Two more. Froggy it out. Last one. Froggy it out. Awesome.So those are three great exercises that can help shrink your waist, tightening your core,the rectus abdominus, and also that transverse that can create a tighter, flatter stomach. Hopefully this gave you guys some great newtips to try at the gym, or at home. Give us a thumbs up and we will see you next time.

Losing weight after pregnancy My postpartum weight loss story

hi I'm jaya rose from booty, mind andspirit and welcome to the fit life show the place to your mind and shapeyour body I'm really excited because today I'm going to be sharing with youmy how I lost the baby wieght and I thought would be the perfect kickoff tomy threepart how to lose weight after pregnancy series so stay tuned because I'll besharing with you how I got back down to a size 4 getting ten something elsethey want to go on the way was to be totally good with that so I had my firstBB 20 and im just gonna say that kind of doesn't count because when I had mysecond baby at 36 there was a big

difference I became a personal trainerwhen I was 26 so I knew exactly what to do taxes size to be safe and effectiveand I was thinking oh I'm gonna be so good I'm gonna go back to work at 12weeks postpartum Mb back to my curvy fit well I was definitely curvy girl hadtwenty something plus pounds last time I was kind of confused and frustrated atthe time because of my expectations mainly I was working out really hard eating well I guess I was kind of hopingwhatever I wanted because I was

breastfeeding and I thought that's whatyou do when you're breastfeeding right but not appear me and you actually wantto lose the weight so six months rolled around and I had not dropped oneliterally no one and I decided to make a big gains and I went paleo and I waslike oh yeah be dropping this late like it's hot now I didn't I did lose weight but it tookmany many months like nine more months from that point to get back to my curvyfit hundred and fifty past so it turns out that it was one of those men to theexperiences I had spent all of my adult

life being critical of my body and hardon myself thinking that I needed to lose weight all the time and it dawned on me when you get back there and I knew Iwould because I was gonna work hard you better shape that is a process and it islike any other really hip casework relationship with myself I needto work on it and keep my minecraft positive and keep reminding myself thatI meant to be this way for a reason and that it's perfect the way it is thankyou so much for watching and make sure

how to review the website at booty mindand spirit dot com get all subscribe to this blog so you can get the first thethreepart series and how to lose the baby weight remember you are worthinvesting it just a little time each day can make a world of difference take the time to believe in you and theuniverse will now get up there and show me what you got.

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