Green Tea And Weight Loss

Additional Weight Loss Information:

Contrary to popular belief, inflammation isn't just about headaches or swollen joints. It plays a part in everything from digestive disorders and depression to allergies, autoimmune diseases and abdominal fat. Surprisingly even more so, its very existence can greatly interfere with your fat loss goals.

So, you may be asking yourself, “What does fat loss have to do with inflammation?” or “Is inflammation and weight loss resistance connected?”

Quite simply, a lot and yes. First, inflammation has been shown to precede the development of both obesity and diabetes. These elevated levels of inflammation predict future weight gain, and insulin resistance. Excessive or persistent inflammation leads to tissue destruction, disease and increases in weight (as well as an inability to lose weight). Therefore, reducing inflammation is an absolutely critical step in allowing the body to lose unwanted fat and achieve optimum health. Why? Because inflammation and weight loss resistance is a proven issue.

A little back story….We have fat-burning pathways in our liver and muscle cells that influence the interaction between our insulin sensitivity, inflammation and weight. An imbalance in these pathways contributes to inflammation, obesity and insulin resistance. Because of this interaction, anti-inflammatory supplements and lifestyle habits which increase our insulin sensitivity help to optimize our bodies' fat-burning capabilities and are also beneficial in the struggle against reaching and maintaining our ideal weight.

Here are a few suggestions to get your inflammation under control – and slim your waistline in the process.

  1. Improve your digestive health
  2. Get your immune system in check
  3. Eat more well-balanced, whole foods
  4. Add in systemic enzymes
  5. Take your omega oils
  6. Stabilize your blood sugars.

Believe it or not, you can address all the aforementioned items simply and easily, without turning your life upside down or depriving yourself. Yes, you can stop the vicious cycle of inflammation, weight loss resistance and weight gain that has tormented the majority of Americans for years and achieve the success you so desire. While chronic inflammation is a disease of modern times, it can easily be avoided with the right diet, supplements, and lifestyle factors. While that may seem overwhelming, it is really quite simple. Keep reading…

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