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Women Photoshop Their Own Bodies On An App

I think I already look pretty good so I don't know what thisapp thinks it can do. (upbeat guitar) So is this gonna belike skinny arm, the appé It's funny cause we all take pictures to look in our best light but the idea that then you can use an app and completely changeyourself is very scary.

Let's use reshape and make me skinnier. It's funny how the reshape tool, the icon for it,automatically goes like this. We can try to do thehour glass shape more. Oh my god. Oh but see, this wouldbe a celebrity give away cause you can already seethat the mirror is funky. I don't think it looksthat different to be honest.

Oh, that's not true. (laughing) Not a good look for Alison. This is trippy. I'm gonna make me skinny. Look and then we just pushmy boobs up a little bit. Perfect. Give myself a real big thigh gap.

Let's get a Disney princess waist line. This is horrifying. That looks ridiculous. Those are not childbearing hips. Now my head's (laughing)just way to big for my body. I don't think I've everseen my thighs that skinny. Oh, this is giving meselfesteem issues right now. I feel like really grosshitting this checkmark

cause it's like I'm validatingeverything I've just done like, quot;Yup better this way.quot; I'm gonna give myself some honkers. Busty Alison is out to play. It makes my chin go away. Gotta make 'em even. Oh man. I have all these wrinkles in my forehead because I'm scrunching my head.

So I'm gonna smooth thoseaway or I'm gonna try. Like it automatically justgets rid of all these freckles. Like it's something thatis a bad thing. Whoa. I've might of justerased most of my face. There goes most of my nose. Cover up them laugh lines. Someone's been laughing too much. As the daughter of a dentist,

Girls Try To Get Kim Kardashians Waist

I feel like this is almost like a. A woman's bulletproof vest. (laughs) (upbeat drums music) I have heard of waist training, but mostly just on the internet. In Instagram, I followa few of the Kardashians. I think women have always wanted to get that like, Coke bottle physique.

I don't think waist training would be that popular if the in body type right now wasn't an hourglass figure. I think the message thatKim K and all those other people that love to wearwaist trainers are sending is that this the ideal bodytype or this is the body type that a woman should strive to have. It's talked about socasually, and then when you

think about it, it's somethingto take super seriously, and make sure you'redoing it the right way. Mmm. It's actually kind of heavy. I could see it affectingmy breathing, though. This is like, tighter than SPANX. Am I supposed to be able to do all of those clasps by myself every dayé (laughs)

I'm ready to get my Kim K on. Figure out what a day in thelife of Kim Kardashian is like. (electronic music) Remember that it's basically encasing your abdomen in a vice. So if it's too tight, it couldput pressure on your liver and spleen, on your stomach,and your intestines. Especially when you'veeaten, that could cause

belching, it could causereflux, and pushing acid into your esophagus, whichcan cause damage eventually. Do not wear it for more thanone or two hours at a time. Do not wear your waist trainer if you're doing heavy, strenuous exercise. And remember, it's notgoing to permanently alter the look of your waist, and it's not going to help you shed pounds.

(techno music) It's bright pink. Why is it so brighté So I got it on. Literally had to put my hairup, I'm sweating so bad. So here we are. Day one, so I have it asloose as it can go right now. And I'll probably justkeep it on for an hour

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