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How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenagers

hey my pretties and for those of you are not my prettiesyou need to subscribe and become my pretty but yeah you guys are gonna lovethis tutorial and if you don't me already and you don't love me already you're gonna love me after this one howto lose thigh fat for teenagers at home and school are you ready let's go *PrettyKeli Song Plays* You at least are going to want to do three out of the six ladies because I know in the other tutorials like the arm fat tutorials guys pick and choose one or two things to do the more you do thefaster results you're going to get and

the better results you're going to getso please try to do as many as you possibly can for what I'm about to giveyou I'm gonna give you six if you do all six you're going to see results muchfaster If you do a couple you choose to do some here there don't say it didn't workbecause you didn't stick to it okay you're gonna want to be consistent with thesethings for at least a week and i'm telling you if you measure your thighsbefore hand and after you will see a difference so the first thing i want totell you is how to measure your thighs ok start at the middle of your knees and goup from there straight up towards like

your upper body okay about four inches then wrap itaround your thigh and take that measurement that is going to be thenumber that you want to get the very next time so make sure you write thatdown four up from the middle of the kneecap and then around that's whereyou're going to measure a week from now to see the results these are the most effective tips thatwon't have you looking to crazy in the streets. Are you readyé let's get intoit one this one I love and it burns

while sitting so whether you're sittingat your desk or you're sitting at home in a chair on the couch or whatevertighten your legs and put them dead straight in front of you and hold countto 10 or 20 and then release and put them on the floor for double time so 20 or 40 do the same thing again ifyou like that make them dead straight hold them make sure your body your torsostraight don't lean back if you do that it's not going to have the same effectok keep your torso straight and just lift your legs up and hold them like this

even if you're watching this tutorial rightnow and you're sitting somewhere do this ready lift your leg straight up togetherso it should be like this ok if you look straight up tight andhold two three four five six seven eight nine ten and drop them down slowly ok and bring them up again now how didthat feel yes it works and if you do at least tentwenty times your legs are going to be on fire baby girl trust me did you like this tipé Givethis tutorial a thumbs up and lets move on

because it gets so much better I know your parents are gonna love mefor this one and maybe you will too get to class early and play the sittinggame until the teacher gets to the lecture why don't you looking crazy and fun yourfriends and I don't teach you have anything to say about your doing thisfor what you're going to do is you're going to want to sit down okay okay just so you get a feelingwhere you're seated come up a little bit

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