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Exercises for a Smaller Waist TIGHTER FLATTER STOMACH

Hi, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXXfor Women, and today I'm going to show you some exercises that can shrink your waist. So the first one we're going to do is planks.Come on down here and lift yourself up on your hands. You want your body nice and straight.Push those heels back, and you're going to go one arm at a time. Five each side. Tap,and up. Tap, and up. Most importantly, keep that belly button pulled in nice and tight. Last one. Switch sides. Five, four, three,two, good, one. Then stay right up here. The next one, moving into elbow, opposite knee,cross it over, we can speed it up. 10, five,

one. Now down to the elbows. We're going togo twisting planks. Twist it, froggy it out. Twist, froggy it out. This tightens the whole waist all the wayaround, even low back. Good. Two more. Froggy it out. Last one. Froggy it out. Awesome.So those are three great exercises that can help shrink your waist, tightening your core,the rectus abdominus, and also that transverse that can create a tighter, flatter stomach. Hopefully this gave you guys some great newtips to try at the gym, or at home. Give us a thumbs up and we will see you next time.

Ayurvedic tip to reduce fat around stomach easy way

Today we will know about women and men stomach beauty powder reason knowing or unkonwingly today's life became without physical exercise only with mental exercise we don't know whose sin is this what ever the reason after the marriage, people are getting fat around the stomach , love handles, thighs and butt

this high accumulated fat people are not able to have kids knowing the reason and by reducing them and have healthy kids, it is our wish by this show in this stomach center is very important this is called quot;Bhrama Gandiquot; (Hindu words) Brahma means quot;creatorquot; and also called Agni Chakram near this agni chakra (quot;fire Wheelquot;), if fires was updown

the digestion will not take place, regular procedure that body has to today will not take place due to stomach increase digestive system is being destroyed this is also creating problems for women in delay of periods and for men sperm count decreases This people have to first reduce fat, before using medicines today we are seeing many people

use this and share this information to all your friends or relatives it is very easy take Pipallu (available in Ayurvedic stores) Fry this Pipallu lightly on low flame and make it fine powder take muslin cloth and rub on this to get fine powder and keep it in glass container take this in three pinches of powder and mix with honey and lick it before going to sleep

this will reduce the fat on stomach decreases the stomach even big stomach of this size also gets reduced for women or men start with 3 pinches and gradually increase, this will increase heat in your body, brink butter milk or barley water or coconut water if needed after getting used to it, take 3 pinches in the morning also before 1 hour to your breakfast

if you not feel nice to before breakfast you can take it after 1 hr of breakfast it helps reduce fat and improve digestion Recap like this night 3 pinches and morning 3 pinches gradually increase to 4 till 6 to 7 pinches do Pranayam, yoga do this and reduce your fat. Jai Ayurvedam, Jai Jai Ayurvedam Share this tutorial and help others to reduce fat

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