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Slim Waist Yoga Routine The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Hi, I'm Tara Stiles, and today on the YogaSolution, I'm gonna show you a nice routine that you can do to slim your waist. Let'sget started. We'll start on all fours on your hands and knees. Make sure the fingers arespread nice and wide. We'll just start to warm up your spine a bit here. So as you inhale,gently drop your belly all the way down toward the ground, looking upward. And then as youexhale, rounding all the way and tucking your chin in. And just a few a more times likethis here on your own here, nice and smooth and easy. If it feels a little bit nicer tomove around a little side to side or circle one way or the other way just anythingat all that feels good to start to get your

spine moving for you. And then when you'reready here, gently tuck your toes, we'll start to lift your hips all the way up and backto your nice Downward Dog. Relax your head and neck and shoulders here. And then slowlywe'll start to walk your feet all the way up to the top of your mat here, one step ata time. Once you're all the way up, folding in, we'll let your head and neck soften. Andwe'll round up into a Chair Pose here. So sink your hips all the way up into a niceChair Pose. Breathing easy, keeping your belly nice and strong. And we'll press your palmstogether, lift up a bit, twist around here. Elbow comes right outside your knee, firmlypush away to spin everything all the way open.

And then gently come all the way back to yourmiddle. Same thing other side here. So twisting around all the way up and over here, easy,easy deep breaths. And we'll come all the way back through your middle. And then asyou exhale, just bring your fingertips all the way down to the ground, folding inwardfor a moment. Next inhale, lengthen up to a nice long, flat back. And then as you exhale,plant your palms, we'll step right back to your Plank Pose here. Top of your push up,just holding on for a few breaths. And from here, gently ease your knees down to the ground.We'll sink into a nice Upward Dog here. So swaying a little bit side to side, openingup the chest and the front of your body. Breathe

a whole lot. And then when you're ready, gentlyease your knees down to the ground, shift your hips up and back to sit on your heels.Take an easy breath in your Child's Pose. And when you're ready, coming back onto yourhands and knees, respreading your fingers, tuck the toes and lift your hips right upand back to your nice Downward Dog here. Relax your heels, relax the shoulders. So we'lltake a big inhale, reach your right leg all the way up and back behind you, Downward DogSplit here. Open up the hips and shoulders. And then we'll take your knee right up intoyour forehead. Round your back here. See if you can actually touch your knee to your forehead.And then send it all the way right back behind

you. Twice more just like that here. Liftyour knee, round your back here, knee right up into your forehead. And, again, send itall the way right back behind you. Last one just like this here. Knee right up into yourforehead, and then softly bring your foot between your hands, Low Lunge. From here,push down, big inhale brings you all the way up to a nice High Lunge. And then as you exhale,spin around to your right side here. Let your arms open nice and wide, big twist. Big inhalefills you all the way back up. Twice more just like that here. Big exhale, easy spin.And the inhale takes you all the way back up to the top. Last one just like that here.Big exhale, easy spin, and the inhale fills

you all the way up. And then right over toyour nice Warrior 2 here. So let your back heel find the ground. Arms softly openingright out to your sides. And simply hanging here for a few breaths. So gently reachingout through your fingertips, hips sinking nice and low, easy gaze over the fingertipshere. And take a big inhale, lift everything all the way up. And then as you exhale, sinkright back down and then all the back here to Reverse Warrior. Keep it going here, stretchall the way back here a bit. And then both legs stay straight, wave your torso up andover to your Triangle here. Maybe the hands on your shin or the fingertips on the ground.Open up the whole front of your body. Easy

How to Use Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Wrist Support When Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Hi there Kevin Weiss from Body Performance personaltraining and in the last thirty years of being a competitive bodybuilder both on the nationaland world stage as well as being a competitive powerlifter I've learned a thing or two aboutwhat works and what doesn't. The last thing you want when you're handlinga heavy weight whether it be with deadlifts, rows, pull ups, pull downs anything like thatwhere your grip becomes a factor is your grip to slip on you so today I want to show yousomething I've used over the years and a great product that I have come across that reallyis going to help you out with that.

So the product that I want to share with youtoday is the Rip Toned weight lifting strap and I just want to give you a real brief descriptionof how to properly use these. 1. The first thing that you're going to dois you're going to find the loop. 2. Slide the one end through3. Then slide it onto your hand so that the strap is down your palm you don't want itthis way over top. down on your palm and down on your hand like this you don't wantit up on your wrist cause that's not going to support it all down onto your hand4. Cinch it up like this.and that's ready to go5. Now I'll show you how to wrap it around

the barbell to get your best grip possible6. So your starting position for this is close to the bar with the strap going underneath,do not go overtop like this you'll still be able to wrap it around like that but you'renot going to get a tight grip. 7. Put it underneath the same way your thumbwould go underneath, you can push the strap underneath and then grab it on the other sidewith your fingers like this and pull it until it is taught.8. Now that you have it like this it's a simple matter of just flipping it over flipping itover each time you flip it over if you really want to keep it tight which works good isthat is you do similar to a motorcycle grip

or a motorcycle throttle twist it. bringit around so real simple bring it. pull it. twist it. you're good to go9. Then you just simply repeat that with the other hand Simple as that. now I got a good grip that'snot going to slip out of my hands at any point in time. All right so that's all there is to it.real simple product and it's going to make a big difference in any exercises where gripis going to be a factor. I'm Kevin Weiss from Body Performance personaltraining have a great day.

the link below for more informationon RipToned padded weight lifting straps. riptoned weightliftingstraps.


love arm workoutsé you know you love arm workouts! so here's the scoop: SUBSCRIBE to this channel right now! subscribe to thischannel, awesome! so now that you're subscriber I've got something SOOOO AWESOME to share for you today Iteamed up with my friends at Fiji water and we're gonna do a workout featuringwater bottles instead of weights and the reason why I want to do this is becausefirst of all this water is absolutely delicious and FIJI now is offering asubscription, a free delivery service so you can subscribe and get waterdelivered right to your door and the delivery is free. this water isabsolutely delicious and here's the

really cool thing, they've got this newshape bottle it's a seven hundred milliliter bottle and what's awesome about it isthat it's really easy to hold in your hands you gonna see for this workout isa great substitute for weights. Also, you're never going to have an excuse to not drink enough water you're gonna befully hydrated at all times and if you are trying to maintain your weight orlose weight hydration is key so I'm super superstoked to offer this to you. and guess whatéé because I always wanna hook you up I gota discount for you down below after you SUBSCRIBE make sure to look inthe comments below and you're going to

get a discount just from me and Fijiwater so let's work out! ok so let's get started you need two full water bottles. don't drink from them first you want them to be equal in weight ok so we'regonna start without palms facing outward to do what I called monkey arms soalternating arms you're just gonna bring the ARM UP keeping the arms slightly benthere. ok good so it's just sort of like I don't know I like to call this one monkey arms.So the head of the water bottles are facing towards each other keep theshoulders down near back here and you'll feel that when you're using a waterbottle because of the nature of the

movement in the water in the bottle yougonna feel a bit of an extra challenge it's a great thing:) ok so now, just rotate your handsso now we have out palms facing out now you want to face the palms towards you and yourgonna go up here good little shift a little change heremight feel a bit weird I know but you will feel a little bit differently inyour shoulders this is a great exercise to really hone your deltoids that's yourshoulder you know as women we want to make surethat you're really working those

deltoids your shoulders because that'swhat keeps you from having an arm looks really big but rather a nice tighttoned and lightly defined like a dancer arm ok so now with one arm you canjust punch up over your head and then punch up and punch out punch up andkeep going here and 5, 6. I already feel this and 78 good two more excellent do that on the otherside up and out and you see I'm just kind of moving my torso just a littlebit, it's like what feels natural ok 678 here that water sloshing. Ok, good so now both arms up puch out and three and four and five and that's it 678 good keep on going here atnine and good so now you're gonna bring

your arms up to this shape and littlepulse up 2 3789 again another set here small movement this is to really tone yourback, your shoulders a little bit of bicep too. good so now keep your arms at shoulder height don't let themdrop bicep curl and really squeeze in your abdominal every time in the bellyand for that 65 you got it and sixty feeling it you should by now and 89 we've gotta do another set let's doanother set here I just can't help myself 23 and keep going here you seven andeight awesome to more ok the last one

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