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The Love Handle Eliminator Best Workout For Waistline Belly Fat

welcome to my love handle eminato eliminator ok really i can't say that word if you loved my other tutorial the muffin top destoyer this is going to be another of of your favourites eliminator hey guys welcome to your love handle eliminator class we are in beautiful sand banks provincial park

in picton ontario and i have a five minute miracle class that will focus on your core were going to work your obliques core get rid of those love handles so if you're ready grab a mat grab some water and lets get started ok guys to get started come up to your knees

extend the right leg all the way out grounding that foot reaching your arms right up to the sky interlace fingers index fingers up inhale big stretch to the left exhale contract your abs come up for one reach and two

reach and three very good keep going were doing town here on one side release your arm were going to take your weight up to side plank modify stay on the knee otherwise extend bottom leg out stack feet on top of each other breathe

were going to hold side plank for 8 seconds draw navel into the spine from here take top hand down release the hip thrust right up engage those obliques for two lower and three and four

working the sides of your belly your abs extend arm right up hoding side plank 8 more seconds holding here draw the navel into the spine keep that straight beautiful line imagine as if you're between two walls you want to try and keep yourself flat

Six Pack Workout Obliques 26 REPS ONLY

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . Today I'm going to show you the only way youshould ever train your abs if you want to get results. As a matter of fact, we're goingto dig beneath the surface a little bit, put the science back in strength, and oh yes;we're breaking out the markers. There's four markers today, guys. You know what they sayabout guys with four markers. So, what we're going to do is we're goingto draw on the muscles here to show you what I'm talking about. When you look at the absthere's a lot of muscles that come into play. We call this area the abdominal region, honestly.But there's a lot of muscles that come into

play. First and foremost, you have your sixpack muscles, which are the rectus abdominus that run this way. So, the direction of the fibers will tellyou the contraction patter of that muscle. It wants to contract down – up and down,okayé But that's not enough because those aren't the only muscles that we have in ourcore. We then have our external obliques which you can see right here. The external obliquesare coming in this direction. So you can see by the orientation of those muscles that theylike to rotate and create this oblique direction movement.

That's why they're called that. Next we havethe internal obliques. They're going to go in the opposite direction. I'm losing trackof my colors here. They go this way. So you can see they actually form a cross hatch patternwith the external obliques. So now we know that they can come down that way. So thereyou go. Now, you've got your final color here, which is your transverse abdominus. That runslike a weight belt straight across this way. So actually, its function here is to cinchdown the waist and provide stability from within, but it's still part of the overallabdominal area. So, if you're looking to train your abs you only have two choices. The firstthing is, you pick individual exercises that

take your entire core through all those motions.You've got to have rotation, you've got to have top down rotation, righté From here,down. You've got to have bottom up rotation. So this stays fixed and this rotates on thebottom. You've got to have the ability to do this traditional forward, up and down crunching.You have to have the ability to stop rotation, righté You want to be able to provide thatstability using the transverse abdominus and preventing rotation and controlling rotation.So you've got all these things that you can do and I've already broken that down for youin all of our ATHLEANX training systems I give you.

Our six pack promise that actually breaksdown all these exercises and we group them into small workouts that allow you to hitall these movements in one little ab training workout – six or seven minutes. But youcould also do what I have here. That is, if you're short on time I've done this techniquebefore and it's one of the most effective things you can do because it's going to incorporateall these various motions at one time. It's the alphabet technique. You come hereto a hanging bar and what you're going to do is, instead of just doing straight up kneeraises, you're going to do the alphabet version of knee raises. Which means you're going totry and spell out every letter. You can see

that right here as I start moving my legsaround, I've got all kinds of rotation and stabilization. I don't want to go too farin one direction because I've got to get back in the other direction. We have that antirotation. Everything isbeing addressed at one time. So what I want you to do is see if you can get up on thebar and then complete an entire alphabet. So knee raise up, and here, and then across.That's A. Then I draw my B. Here, and here. Then it goes C. Big loop that way to the left.D, big loop back the other way. E, one of my favorites. Here, then lower just a littlebit, here, lower just a little bit, and here.

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